Certified production


From the very beginning of production, quality of Puđa cheeses has been a distinctive feature of all our products and our main commitment in the relationship with our customers. There is a popular saying that cheese is a big gentleman, so during production we apply a high level of hygiene in all stages of production. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, very soon after opening the dairy, we introduced the 9001 quality management system and certified the HACCP self-control system. Increasing the presence of our products in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we decided to certify our production also for HALAL standard.


In order to better manage quality of our products and ensure a safe and healthy product, we are preparing for the introduction and certification of the IFS standard.


Puđa cheeses won first place at the Balkan Autochthonous Cheese Festival in Belgrade.

At the 7th Balkan Cheese Festival, which was held in Belgrade on February 17-18, in competition with over 300 different autochthonous cheeses from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, France and Italy, cheeses of the manufacturer EKO SIR PUĐA once again confirmed their quality by winning 1st places chosen by visitors

In the strong competition of producers of autochthonous cheeses, cheeses of the producer EKO SIR PUĐA impressed the festival visitors the most, who awarded them 1100 more votes than the next ranked producer.

Such successes of cheese producers from our county are another proof that Livanjski sir is a regional brand that is increasingly sought after and whose quality is recognized by satisfied customers.

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At the International Agricultural Fair, where products and services are represented by 60 countries and which has become agribusiness event of the region with the largest and longest fair tradition, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a partner country, is represented through the organization of a joint performance of companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina at a national stand of approximately 350 m², and through the organization of conferences, round tables, business meetings, product tasting and organization of interesting content for visitors.

At the 84th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, 28 companies from agricultural and food industry presented their products and services at the national stand, so we also had the opportunity to exhibit our products.

Product Evaluation Committees of the Novi Sad Fair evaluated the exhibited products, and according to the published lists, our products repeated again successful results from previous years, which repeatedly confirmed quality of our products, as Livanjski cheese was again awarded a large gold medal in the category of hard full-fat cheeses, so we retained primacy in this category.

This is another confirmation of quality of Livanjski cheese and an incentive for the further development of our most important brand, for which we are known in the region, and becoming increasingly to be recognized in the wider environment also.


Association of Cheese Producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture and Food of the University of Sarajevo, and with the support of the USAID/Sida FARMA project, presented three cheeses from our country at the 12th International Cheese Exhibition in Austria: Livanjski cheese (dairy EKO SIR PUĐA ), Vlašić cheese (ZZ Eko Vlašić / Katun) and Prozor cheese (ZZ ProMilk).

Cheeses from Bosnia and Herzegovina are presented among a total of 409 cheeses from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy and Luxembourg, including Slovenia and Croatia.

According to the decision of the 42-member jury, all three cheeses from Bosnia and Herzegovina were awarded the gold medal: Vlašićki sheep's milk cheese from the agricultural cooperative Eko Vlašić, Livanjski cheese from the Eko sir Puđa dairy and Prozorski cheese from the ZZ ProMilk dairy.

This was the first time we exhibited at this fair, so our success was unexpected and particularly significant. Cheeses from Bosnia and Herzegovina were presented for the first time at this international exhibition, which has been held every two years since 1992. Scoring was done on the basis of standardized characteristics for each cheese, including external and internal appearance, texture, smell and taste.

With the help of the USAID/Sida FARMA project, a lot was done to standardize quality of cheese, and result is confirmed by these gold medals

During this exhibition, a large number of contacts were established with producers and distributors of cheese in Austria.