Centuries-old recipe and tradition


A centuries-old recipe, top-quality mountain milk, tradition of the Puđa family and the skill of craftsmen turn the best of nature into gold. In our dairy, we process cow's, goat's and sheep's milk collected from local farmers in the area of Livno and Tomislavgrad municipalities who practice traditional animal husbandry and keep the animals on pasture when the weather conditions allow it during spring, summer and autumn, while during the winter they are fed grass hay from mountain pastures and grains from their own cultivation. All our cheeses are made from full-fat pasteurized milk.

One of the best quality cheeses in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Livanjski cheese has always been well received in nearby Dalmatia, which eventually became its main market. Livanjski cheese is one of the highest quality types of cheese in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and centuries-old tradition classifies it as an autochthonous cheese with greater or lesser variations in production in industrial facilities and in households in the wider area of Livno.

Top quality mountain milk


Company "EKO SIR PUĐA" was founded in 2001, inheriting the family tradition of producing Livanjski cheese from mountain milk. Headquarter of the company is located in the traditional cattle breeding region of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the village Miši/Golinjevo on the Livno-Mostar main road under the slopes of the Tušnica mountain along the shore of Lake Buško blato. The company also owns two cheese factories in the Republic of Croatia, one in Čaporice near Trilj, where hard cheeses are produced, and the "Pag-Puđa" cheese factory on the island of Pag, where only traditional Paški cheese is produced seasonally.

Company's main products are traditional hard cheeses made from whole cow's, sheep's and goat's milk, but company also produces other types of semi-hard and soft cheeses. Using only non-skimmed full fat milk for our products ensures it's recognizable quality.

In our family, we have been producing cheese for three generation. In the beginning, cheese was produced in an artisanal way in the auxiliary facilities of the family house and mainly from our own milk. We produced cheese for our own needs, and we sold the surplus on the local market and in Dalmatia. Due to growing demand for our cheeses, we decided to organize collection of milk from local farmers and to build a modern dairy where we could process larger quantities of milk.

We opened our first dairy in 2003 in village Miši/Golinjevo, municipality of Livno, from which we supplied domestic and foreign markets, and to the greatest extent the market of the Republic of Croatia. With the accession of Republic of Croatia to the European Union, business circumstances changed and milk products from Bosnia and Herzegovina could no longer be exported to the Republic of Croatia, so we decided to build a dairy in Čaporice near Trilj, from which we primarily supply market of Republic of Croatia and the EU, which started with operation in July 2013.

With the expansion and growth of our business, more and more of our customers were looking for Paški cheese in addition to Livanjski cheese, so in 2014 we decided to acquire a cheese factory on the island of Pag where we currently produce Paški cheese under Puđa brand and which only operate during the sheep milking season on Pag. In our product range today we have valuable gems such as Livanjski and Paški cheese, but also other types of hard and semi-hard cheeses such as Livanjac, Trappist, Goat and Sheep cheeses, Dalmatian and St. Roko, and fresh and soft cheeses from cow's and goat's milk.